Majestic, magical, grandiose… Gironde Estuary

The Garonne which bathes Toulouse and Bordeaux, the Dordogne which crosses Sarlat and Libourne merge to become the Gironde Estuary.

It is the largest estuary in Europe, from its mouth that the Cordouan lighthouse lights up to Bec d'Ambes, the Gironde stretches over 80 km in length and 12 km at its widest point. Wild and preserved it is classified " Marine Natural Park »And many species of local flora and fauna are protected there. Here it is nature which guides man to the rhythm of the seasons and the tides.

The Médoc vines flourish on the gravel ridges that run along the estuary. The “route des petits ports” gives you access to the bucolic charm of quiet places for a moment of communion with nature, for a nap at the water's edge, a picnic or a hike ... this road that you will find from good tables overlooking the estuary and since the Pauillac-La-Fayette marina that you can navigate to discover the islands of Patiras, New, Margaux... or enjoy the "Vauban lock" with the citadel of Blaye, Fort Pate and Fort Medoc.

If you are fond of fishing, go to Catherine rent a scale to tease the shrimp in the port of Pauillac and take the opportunity to meet Christophe, the last professional fisherman who unloads his catches. If you are lucky, on a day when the tide is high and the sun is warming up well, maybe even a net fisherman will invite you to board his stilt installation.

And now… what am I going to do?