Distance: 14,2 km
Departure: Blaignan
Cultural, Gastronomic, Historical, Oenological
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)


In a land of vineyards, in the heart of the Médoc appellation, Blaignan had seven windmills until the Revolution. You will thus discover at the Château Tour Haut Caussan, a property labeled Vignobles et Chais en Bordelais, an XNUMXth century windmill in perfect working order. You can also admire a beautiful view of the Médoc lands from the Butte de Blaignan.
The guide for this walk is available at the Médoc Vignoble Tourist Office.

Points of interest

Les Noisettines du Médoc

Hazelnuts from Médoc

La Butte de Blaignan

The Butte de Blaignan

Le Moulin de Courrian

The Moulin de Courrian

Site Archéologique de Brion

Brion Archaeological Site

Your itinerary


Church of Saint Pierre de Caussan

Take the "rue de Verdun", pass in front of the St Pierre de Caussan church and the 1872 mission cross and turn left 240m towards "Château Lagrave / Noisettines" - rue du 19 mars 1962.

Hazelnuts from Médoc

Continue on this path towards the company “Les Noisettines du Médoc”, where you can stop for a tasting. At the intersection, turn right and walk until the intersection with the D103. At the give-way, turn left using the grassy shoulder and cross the D103 50m further to access the white path in the middle of the vineyards. Be careful crossing the D103 is dangerous, be careful. Walk straight through the vineyards for 800m until you reach a crossroads with a small asphalt road.

The Cross of Mission

Turn left, walk 140m and turn right after the mission cross - hamlet Les Petites Granges - where you will see pretty stone houses. This cross dates from 1864, this monument was erected in memory of a mission, after the revolutionary turmoil, where it was necessary, for the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, to restore religious practice. Usually it bears an inscription (that of the preacher) and the date of this mission. At the crow's feet on the right, take the road to Civrac. Continue on this little-used and sometimes shaded country road to the hamlet of Cantérane, rue des Abbés Paul. On this route between March and May, you will have the opportunity to observe wild orchids and the Guinea Fowl (see photo), a dark pink flower that only grows in a humid environment. Having become rare, it is forbidden to pick. Toxic, it was used in particular to repel moles. Turn right at the rue des Aulaniers crossroads. At the end of the street, at the give way, turn right - rue Charles Plumeau. Be careful, this road, although limited to 70 km / h, remains dangerous. You will take the first tarmac path on your left, located in the heart of the bend. Walk along the edge of the wood then along the vines to the next crossroads. Continue straight on the path opposite, path which will turn left at the edge of the vines then continue on the dirt track. At the end of the path turn right to continue on an asphalt road.

Archaeological excavations

On your right you will find a farmhouse and 160 meters further on the remains of archaeological excavations. On this site stood a Gallo-Roman villa dating from the 1st century - beginning of the 250nd or XNUMXrd century. Go straight. XNUMX meters further on in the bend, take the vineyard path on your right and walk along the fence of a house under construction. At the next crossroads go straight ahead until the intersection with an asphalt road, turn right. This hilly road offers you superb plunging views of the vineyards and in particular of the Butte de Blaignan. At the end of this road, before the bend, take the dirt track to the left and descend it to the right to go along the vines. Turn right after the pasture area, walk along the fence to the crow's feet where you will turn right into the hedge. Continue straight ahead along the vines located on the upper part of the path.

The Butte de Blaignan

The path goes down to the right along the wood, continue straight. On your right in the distance, the Butte de Blaignan. Continue straight on the white path bordering Château Taffard de Blaignan. You are on the road to Hontane, at the next intersection continue straight on the right.

Courrian mill

Go up the road, at the top turn right, you pass behind the Moulin de Courrian. Continue straight ahead. At the next intersection go straight ahead. On the right, the Castle and the Butte de Blaignan. Go up the hill to enjoy the view of the vineyards and a restored dovecote that you can visit discreetly. Follow the paved road for 550m. Turn left at the place called "Patiras". Go straight and at the next intersection turn left to return to the starting point.