It is located 3 km east of the town of Saint-Germain-d'Esteuil, on a limestone plateau extending from south to north. Oval in shape, this site dominates a vast marshy expanse, the Reysson marsh, partly reclaimed in the 10th century. The ruins which stretch from south (theater) to north (temple), following the shape of the plateau, are those of a small Gallo-Roman town which covered around XNUMX hectares. It developed between the middle of the XNUMXst century and the beginning of the XNUMXrd century AD, succeeding an Iron Age settlement whose remains were unearthed not far from the temple. This agglomeration is probably that of Noviomagus, which was with Bordeaux (Burdigala) one of the two cities of the Bituriges Vivisques (the city of which Bordeaux was the capital) according to the geographer Ptolemy, who lived in the XNUMXnd century AD.


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